25th Anniversary of Take a Stake in the Lakes!

From our friends at Dane County Lakes & Watersheds and the Clean Lakes Alliance.

As April ends, we’re dreaming of warmer days and fun on the lakes. It’s time to start planning for the 25th Annual Take a Stake in the Lakes Days 2012! Whether you’ve participated in the past or have never heard of it, Take a Stake in the Lakes Days is an excellent opportunity to celebrate and care for Dane County’s water resources. And this year marks the 25th Anniversary of this fabulous grassroots event. Complete the attached registration form and return it to Pat Sheahan at the Dane County Office of Lakes & Watersheds to have your lake- or river-related event promoted as a part of Take a Stake in the Lakes Days.

Take a Stake in the Lakes Days promotes a wide range of activities to raise awareness of the water resources in the community; how the lakes affect our lives and how we affect the lakes. See attached events schedule from last year.

The Dane County Office of Lakes & Watersheds collects information for events happening in, on and around Dane County lakes, rivers and streams June 1-17. The Commission promotes events with a calendar, press conferences and releases, editorials and more. As we share information about the variety of activities and opportunities our lakes present, we also offer ways to protect our lakes and use them responsibly.

To help commemorate the 25th Anniversary of TASDays, the Clean Lakes Alliance is partnering with Dane County Lakes & Watersheds to expand the annual effort and make it bigger and better than ever. The new partnership brings resources not otherwise available to expand the scope of work to improve water quality in Dane County.

Here are just a few ways to be part of Take a Stake in the Lakes Days:

  • Sponsor your own event! Return the attached event form with your information and we will help promote your event as a part of Take a Stake in the Lakes Days.
  • Celebrate Dane County Waters Champions with us! The date and location are yet to be determined.  Watch for details on< this event on www.takeastakeinthelakes.com and then join us to celebrate people and projects that have made outstanding contributions for the protection and improvement of our lakes and streams. This event is free and open to the public.
  • Volunteer! Sign up to lend a hand with shoreline clean-ups on June 9 and 16 at various locations around the county. Contact Rhea Stangel-Maier at stangel-maier@countyofdane.com 224-3601 or go to www.takeastakeinthelakes.com
  • Participate in any of the fun-filled events around our lakes this June! Check out the many events going on at www.takeastakeinthelakes.com.
  • Share this information! Pass this information on to those who would be interested in being a part of Take a Stake in the Lakes Days 2012.

For a complete listing of all events during Take a Stake in the Lakes Days 25th Anniversary, go to www.takeastakeinthelakes.com. To volunteer for Take a Stake in the Lakes Clean Up events as an individual, organization, club or group, contact Rhea Stangel-Maier, Dane County Parks Volunteer Coordinator, at 608-224-3601 or stangel-maier@countyofdane.com. To participate as a business or employer, contact James Tye of Clean Lakes Alliance, at 608-836-4001 or james@cleanlakesalliance.com