William Waterway Marks

William Waterway (Marks), is an award-winning water author, poet, artist, philosopher, and Native American flute artist who was raised on an organic farm.

While an undergraduate at Fairleigh Dickinson University, he conducted independent research into fish kills and industrial pollution of rivers. His photographic evidence and water sampling studies resulted in legal action by a Federal Grand Jury against an industrial polluter who pled guilty.

His water research and speaking engagements have taken him to 15 countries.

During the late 1970s he lived outside for two-years undertaking a horseback trek across America he entitled, RIDE FOR NATURE.

Mr. Waterway’s writings and water research have been featured on TV talk shows and in documentary films (CNN – Acid Rain, and “FLOW: For Love Of Water”) and published by National Geographic, and featured at: CNN; MSNBC; MVTV; CBS; NBC; ABC; NPR; UPI; AP; New York Times; Coast-to-Coast Radio; New Zealand National Radio; the Water Encyclopedia; Alternet; Care2.com; MaximsNews, and other media.

He is the former owner/director of a state-certified water testing laboratory; founder of Vineyard Environmental Research, Inst.; founding publisher of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine and Nantucket Magazine; author of, The History of Wind Power on Martha’s Vineyard; The Holy Order of Water, Healing Earth’s Waters and Ourselves; and publisher of the United Nations’ affiliated, Water Voices from Around The World.

During the 1980s William saved three lighthouses (Gay Head, East Chop, Edgartown Harbor) on Martha’s Vineyard from being torn down and replaced by skeleton structures with strobe lights. After giving Congressional testimony – the three lights were turned over to the organization he founded, Vineyard Environmental Research, Institute (VERI).

Poetry: William is the founder of the Martha’s Vineyard Poetry Society. He has composed poetry since youth, and studied Creative Poetry as an elective at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He has won several poetry awards, including the World of Poetry Golden Poet Award in 1988 and 1992, and the World of Poetry Gold Medal of Honor. He was inducted into the Homer Honor Society of International Poets in 1992. His poetry has been published in: National Geographic’s book, Written in Water; AlterNet’s book, Water Matters; An Anthology of Vineyard Poets; An Anthology of Wednesday’s Poets; AOL’s Martha’s Vineyard Patch; the Martha’s Vineyard Times; the Vineyard Gazette; The Grapevine; Martha’s Vineyard Magazine; Nantucket Magazine, and many other publications.

Poetry recitals: International Peace and Ecology Celebration – Central Park Bandshell; International Symposium of Aqua Science & Water Resoureces (simulcast to eleven countries); MVTV’s live broadcast of “A Gathering of Island Poets” I, II, III, IV, and V.; William’s “Acid Rain” poem was recited by Governor Thomas Keene at the Northeast Conference of Governors on Acid Rain and Climate Change; National Geographic’s International “Water is Life” conference; United Nations; World Water Consciousness conference at University of California; Martha’s Vineyard All-Island Selectmen’s meeting, and many others.

He has read his poetry, spoken, and performed Native American Flute at: the Temple of Understanding; Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles; the United Nations; the United Nations’ International Peace and Ecology Festival; Church Center for the United Nations; Council for a Parliament of World’s Religions in Israel; Book Expo America; New England Conference of Governors; Drew University; University of Lincoln–Nebraska; University of Arizona; Fairleigh Dickinson University; Groundwater Foundation Annual Conference; Lincoln Center; Sundance Film Festival; World Water Day Celebration at the United Nations; World Water Day Film Festival; Florida State University; Southern Illinois University; University of California (Santa Barbara/Berkeley/Los Angeles/Davis); International Symposium of Aqua Science and Water Resources (simulcast to eleven countries); National Geographic’s International “Water Is Life” Celebration;  World Water Consciousness conference at University of California; Annual Celebration of Pathways Projects Institutes; Martha’s Vineyard All-Island Selectmen, and many other venues.

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