The time is approaching

Josephine Mandamin’s words:

Biidaasige n’digo. awassisi n’dodaim, n’mishoomis. g’daanis gwee ganonik. Ahow megwech nibiing bomosay yawn meen wa. apichi bawtiinot wah kidyawn. n;gaa shaganoshee beeg gaye,

Beedaasige is thankful for the ability to walk in the water again, she has waited a long time to be with her mother in the water, she has much to say and ask for. She says Megwech to the Grandmother who works with the ice and gives life and rest for the water during the winter months. As she again walks in the water she is again reminded of the Spirit of the Water who she waits for each visit with the water. She knows it will come when the time is right.

The time is approaching for the awakening of healing and cleansing of the waters, she knows that many atrocities have to be stopped from carrying diseases to the waters. The tankers carrying dirt on the great lakes and trains that often get derailed while carrying dirty fuel have to be stopped before they do more damage to our beautiful lakes and rivers. She knows that the waters are not being acknowledged as life givers, that they need to hear our voices and to know they are loved have all been forgotten by the human race. At times she feels alone in raising this awareness to the masses, when will they learn, she thinks. The life givers are dying and if we continue with our negligence and closed minds, they will go away. the life givers have to be honored, guarded and respected, if we continue to blatantly ignore her(water), she will decide we no longer care and she will go away.

Our ancestors tell us if we do not respect, pay homage, or recognize the
greatness of our duty to all living things; nature and all she is, will go away. Biidaasige understands that if the masses do not do all the above, the waters will wither and die. When nature goes away, we will surely succumb to the warnings of our leaders; ‘we were asked, what are you going to do about it?’ IF we do something about it now, we can make a helluva change for our Mother. We must never forget our duty as Creator gave us: take care of their daughter-our mother the earth.

And so we will walk the original migration to the food that grows on water. We will talk about the tankers, trains and our history along the way as we stop at the original stopping points. We will have a reunion on the 22nd June 2015, and start walking on the 23rd June 2015 at Matane, QC.

Me i ewe, for now, more information on the Matane, QC Gathering will come, be patient.