Thinking Like Water

Josephine Mandamin’s words:

Ahow suh gwuh Manitou, N’mishoo. G’daanis Biidaasige minwaa gwii ganoonik, semma zhaashi gii jaagisoo. wewenii gagwedaawaay yaan
wewenii geh jjibwaa p’si taagosiiyaan. Apichi sinaagot ewe zhaginaashiimiwin. Me i ewe daash wewenii eshi gigoodaayan, Biidaasige is asking for help in saying what needs to be said in a good way, because the mainstream language is so difficult. and so she asks Creator’s help in what needs to be said, in a good way. Tobacco has been burned for Spirit to acknowledge and guide her words. She knows we must think as the water thinks.

In thinking like water, our personalities must also be that of the flow of water, to soften our hearts and minds so we can empathize with others without judgement. In other words, ‘go with the flow’, as the water flows we too must think the way water thinks, feels, hears, sings and above all: loves. This love is the uniter and inifier, we are all connected by water, each droplet is us, where we came from is in the droplet of water. When in the womb, we were living in water for nine months, Imagine! What did you learn? We came out in a gush to life, to go with the flow. It seems we stop the flow of love when we do not use our invisible gifts. Love is universal, without discrimination, without judgement, without preferences, but just plain forgiveness of all and for all.

We must look at our neighbors in a good way, as the water flows, so should our love for one another. Humbly, as Biiidadsige is your servant, she asks for forgiveness and help for all in bringing about the healing of our Nations and the Waters on Mama aki.. Megwech Baasindoowiiyek.
Me i ewe, minik from your humble servant.