National Groundwater Awareness Week

This last week was National Groundwater Awareness Week put on by the National Ground Water Association. The NGWA website is a wealth of educational information and links to local resources.

The City of Madison also has a great write up of information on our local groundwater initiatives.

What is groundwater, and why should we care about it? Groundwater makes up approximately 95 percent of the fresh water resources of the planet. This valuable resource is created when rain and melted snow soaks into the soil and filters through openings in beds of rock and sand creating underground reservoirs of fresh water. Forty-four percent of the U.S. population relies on groundwater for its supply of drinking water; while the rest rely on surface water sources such as lakes and rivers. Here in Wisconsin, we are water wealthy to the point of taking our riches for granted, unlike much of the American Southwest, where supplies are scarce and threatened by drought conditions.

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