Keep leaves out of the streets!

Great information from our friends the Clean Lakes Alliance.

What do leaves in the streets have to do with algae in the lakes? Rainfall and stormwater that run through streets and gutters leach phosphorus from fallen leaves and carry the nutrient-rich “tea” down the storm drains and straight to the lakes. Phosphorus is the nutrient that drives algae growth; so let’s do our part to stop leaf litter leaching!

Find out what you can do to help!


Also this Thursday the 14th Yahara Lakes 101 will be feature Bill Selbig of the USGS presenting “Leaves and Lakes: Urban Phosphorus Runoff”.

When: Thursday, November 14th
7:30 am – Coffee & Breakfast
8:00 am – Presentation
9:00 am – Q & A

Where: Bluephie’s Café at Verex Building (150 E. Gilman St.)
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