Yahara Lakes: Implementing a Vision

Part of the North American Lake Management Society’s 32nd International Symposium: Lakes in the Landscape: Values > Visions > Actions will be focused on our very own Yahara Lakes! The entire symposium is running November 7-9, 2012 in Madison, WI.

In these tough economic times, the values we place on our natural resources, including lakes, becomes more important than ever. These values are brought into focus by our vision for lakes, essentially what we want as an outcome of successful management. Finally, turning these visions into actions requires partnerships, good science, and perseverance! Because lakes respond to stressors at a variety of scales, NALMS 2012 will emphasize the science of lakes in the landscape, ranging from in-lake to watershed to global, as well as approaches that facilitate lake management … from satellites to surveys to shorelines.

The program committee is excited to bring NALMS back to Madison and the Yahara Lakes, building on the successes of two previous symposia in 2001 and 2005. As before, we will begin each day with a set of plenary talks that relate to the theme and serve as an introduction to special sessions: Lake Values and Ecosystem Services, Landscape Limnology, Adapting to Climate Change.

The 2005 NALMS “Madison Lakes and Nearby Waters” session strengthened and expanded collaborations and actions to improve these waters. The 2012 Madison conference again features a special session on the Yahara River watershed and its more than 22,000 acres of lakes and streams that are so important to the region’s economy and quality of life. The Friday November 9 session, “Yahara Lakes: Implementing a Vision,” open to all conference attendees and Madison area residents, will consist of presentations by local scientists, managers and conservation groups on successes and challenges of implementing the water quality improvement strategies that emerged from the 2005 conference. The special one-day rate of $45, supported by sponsors to enable maximum participation by local residents, includes the Yahara Lakes Community Breakfast, the full day of presentations, lunch, and a closing reception.