Reclaiming our Waters with Grandmother Josephine Mandamin

A teaching vision born of love for the people…the sounding of a voice not heard for many generations returns to the shores of Lake Michigan in Minowaki.

September 20-23, 2012
Lakeshore State Park, Milwaukee

Ceremonial Fire will be lit at Sunrise on Thursday morning and extinguished Sunday evening. Please come for all or part of this extraordinary opportunity to participate in a Traditional Teaching Lodge. A Longhouse/Teaching Lodge such as this has not been built on the shores of Lake Michigan in 150 years!

Thursday, September 20 – Building the Lodge
Friday, September 21 – Teaching day, focused on children and youths
Saturday, September 22 – Teaching day, focused on adults
Sunday, September 23 – Conclusion of Teaching Lodge and Council of the Elders

Children and youth welcome throughout.
Women; it is traditional and required to wear a skirt.
Gifts of tobacco, money, food, etc. for the Teachers/Elders is traditional but not required.

For more information visit the Milwaukee Lakefront Teaching Lodge Facebook Page or download the flyer.

The Milwaukee Lakefront Teaching Lodge will share the history and
purpose of the Teaching Lodge and the cultural teachings of Great Lakes
American Indian tribal nations, to promote the preservation
and responsible management of our most important and sacred
resource: water.

This four-day event will begin with the construction of the teaching
lodge and the protocols, meaning, and teachings about the structure
itself. Native youth, community members (both men and women), and
anyone else interested can put their hands to work in building the lodge.
A sacred fire will be lit and burn continually during the event. Sunrise
ceremonies will welcome each day, and the participants can take part in
traditional teachings and sessions on local history, geology, and concerns
about our lake. On the final day, after the morning teachings, the lodge
will be taken down and all who participate may receive a small piece
of the lodge to hold their memories of what they have learned.

Teachings to be given will include: origin stories; water teachings and
environmental protection with an emphasis on the Great Lakes; plus
history and plant walks. Teaching days will accommodate up to
100 students of all ethnicities who wish to listen to Elders and
learn about the Teaching Lodge and our local history. This is also an
opportunity to hear from our youth about their thoughts on what we
need to do for their future.